Welcome to Fond Bone Broth Wholesale

Verified Regenerative

All of our bones come from verified regenerative farms where the animals are free to roam in the pastures. Our chickens are 100% pasture-raised, our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, and both are 100% organic.

All Diets Welcome

Our newest regeneratively-sourced chicken bone broth is the bone broth that fits into every lifestyle, every meal, and every mug. Whether you're AIP, FODMAP, Carnivore, Keto or Paleo, this bone broth fits any and every way of eating.

Traditionally Made

Our bone broth tonics are simmered for 18+ hours, then infused with fresh herbs and botanicals for quality that you can taste.

Apply to get started

We would love to have you join the FOND Family. We invite you to apply for a FOND wholesale account if all of the below is true for you.

Please apply for wholesale if all of the below is true for you.

  • You are a brick and mortar store in the United States.
  • You are an online retailer that does NOT sell as a third party on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or any other online platforms.
  • You can provide a legit retail store address and website.
  • You are able to purchase a minimum of three 4-packs per order.

Quality you can taste (and see)

FOND is officially the first verified regenerative bone broth on the market. Since starting FOND in 2015, our commitment to quality led us out of the grocery store and down to the farmer’s market. By building direct relationships with farms - some years in the making - and sourcing every ingredient with nutrient-density in mind, we can promise you a bone broth that’s truly as delicious as it is good for you!



We’ve got a flavor for every palate